Femininity - Masculinity

Femininity - Masculinity, the mixed media (ink + watercolor) abstract on 450 gr paper. Fresh art.

A botanic avocado study

The other week, I planted 8 weeks avocado seed with the root into the pot. Right before the action, I sketched the plant, and the result is this.  

Lake Bled

A detail from the room view from my stay in Bled, Slovenia last July. In watercolor. You may find my short film amusing.


 My grandma used to grow the most beautiful Clematis, leather flower. Clematis reminds me on her.


You can cut all the flowers but you can't keep spring from coming. - Pablo Neruda

Instagram updates from the Studio

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In the beginning there was a line

I grew up in an artistic family: my father was a professor of music, composer, and a conductor, and my mother, a humanities and literature professor. It was quite normal for me, ever since I developed motoric skills to sing, write, play…